Summer of Science: Salt Marsh Detectives!

Ages 10 to 12

Set at the Ernst Marine Conservation Center, located in the heart of an 88-acre wetland preserve at West Meadow Creek, Stony Brook, participants explore the intricacies of the salt marsh food web and learn their ecological value. As outdoor naturalists and detectives, participants will work in teams to identify animal tracks, determine the direction of tides, and identify the birds, animals and fauna of the creek. Back at the lab, they will piece together the inner workings of the salt marsh ecosystem using magnifying glasses, field guides and touch tanks.

Fee: $275.00 for week. Register by June 15 for the early-bird rate ($265.00). Minimum 10 participants, maximum 15. Two weeks notice is required for all cancellations without penalty.

Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau & Sports Commission

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