The Brewster House, c. 1665

The Brewster House, c. 1665

The Brewster House of Setauket has a history which dates back to 1665. The quaint saltbox farmhouse, which sits on a knoll on Route 25A alongside Setauket Harbor, was home to six generations of Brewsters.

One of the homeowners was Joseph Brewster, who was born in 1735 and served as a lieutenant in the French and Indian War and later became a trustee and justice of the Town of Brookhaven. During the Revolutionary War, he served on the Committee of Safety and also entertained British troops who were stationed in the area at a tavern he opened in the house. Over the years, it appears that Joseph built a sizable estate, and in 1781, he loaned 300 pounds to the Continental Congress. After the war, he was given 750 acres by the newly-formed American government. Joseph also served on the committee that built Route 25A, formerly The King’s Highway, and now known as Washington’s Spy Trail.


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