Stony Brook Grist Mill, c.1751

Stony Brook Grist Mill, c.1751

The Stony Brook Grist Mill was built in 1699 by Adam Smith, son of Richard “Bull” Smith. When the original mill and dam washed out in 1751, a new mill was erected on the present site using beams from the original 17th century structure. During the Revolutionary War, grains ground at the Stony Brook Grist Mill were taken by the British to feed their soldiers.

The Stony Brook Grist Mill was acquired by philanthropist Ward Melville in 1947. He subsequently deeded it to the Ward Melville Heritage Organization which now owns and operates the mill.

The mill is located on Harbor Road off Main Street in Stony Brook and is Long Island’s most fully equipped grist mill. It is open to the public on weekends from April to October, noon-4:30 p.m. Call 631-751-2244 for more information or if you are interested in booking a private group tour.


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